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AC Repair and Maintenance in Dubai

Is your AC experienced a sudden breakdown? As the best AC repair and maintenance service provider, we understand extensively hot weather of Dubai. One cannot imagine living without AC in Dubai's hot and humid weather. Any problem or sudden breakdown in AC, especially in summer can make your place extremely hot. Regular Service of AC could only overcome this problem.

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ALPHA MAHIR offers a full suite of AC installation, maintenance and repair services. We are committed to providing budget-friendly, high-quality ac services in Dubai and neighboring areas. Whether you are a business owner or a household, Air Conditioners are the need of the hour. As the leading air conditioning maintenance company in Dubai, we understand it is too difficult to live without AC in Dubai, that's why our expert technicians are ready to give you 24/7 hours ac repair in Dubai. Their extensive experience allows them to diagnose and repair any AC failures and continually maintain exceptional standards of AC maintenance in the office or at home.

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Professional AC Repair and Maintenance in Dubai

Are you looking for AC Repair and Maintenance services in Dubai? Our HVAC certified technicians are the most professional ones who understand the problems of HVAC and central AC in Dubai. We understand the busy routine of our customer, that’s why our techniciansdiagnose the problems of your HVAC and solve the issue with perfection in one time. ALPHA MAHIR provides highly professional and cost-efficient services near you in Dubai and all the surrounding areas.

Major AC Services we provide in Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning

Greasy and Dirty AC ducts can lead you and your family to airborne diseases and allergic problems. When you see dirt on your AC vents or feel foul-smelling air, it's better to contact professional AC duct cleaning services. ALPHA MAHIR is one of the best AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai. Our technicians use state of the art technology to brush and suck the dirt from the air duct..

Coil Cleaning

An AC coil converts warm air into cooler air up to a set temperature. That’s why it is an essential part of AC. During this process, dirt may stick to it and affect the air quality causing respiratory and allergies problem. When insufficient cooling and reduced airflow or you observe water leakage from the coil, it is time for AC coil cleaning. Coil cleaning increases the efficiency of the system,


At ALPHA MAHIR we are experienced in a wide range of operations. Replacing or buying a new air conditioner is a big financial commitment that can result in frustration when choosing installation services from an underperforming company. Whether it’s split AC, HVAC, chiller AC, window AC, you should be assured about the job we perform best.

Common Ac Issuses in Dubai

  1. Foul-Smelling
  2. Indoor Humidity
  3. Insufficient Airflow
  4. Water Dripping form AC Unit

Our Repair and Maintenance services Includes:

Cleaning Air Filter:

We use unique tools to check the air filters. By time air filters become dirty and clogged, because of which it prevent the airflow from the air conditioner from working smoothly. We not only clean the filter, but also replace if needed.

Efficiency Assessment:

If your AC is not serviced from a quite long time, grime builds up and stops air conditioning framework. It causes humidity and reduces the performance of AC. We keep this issue in consideration and pay special attention at cooling efficiency.

Checking Thermostat:

We check and make sure thermostat is in good position and working optimally to keep your home at chosen temperature.

Checking of Refrigerant Leaks:

There are chances that your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, either it was not charged properly at the time of installation or there is a leakage problem. In case it is a leakage problem then only adding refrigerant isn’t a solution. Our certified technicians check any leaks, repair if any and then charge the framework with right amount of refrigerant.

Lubricating the relevant parts:

Lack of lubrication results in more friction, heat and most importantly damage of parts. Our experienced technicians makes sure that required belts and fans are properly lubricated.

Fan assessment:

We make sure the fans are not making any kind of noise, working properly and there is noblockage in the coil.

Benefit of Ac Services

  1. Improved Cooling
  2. Lower Humidity
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Reliability

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It’s totally depends on the usage of air conditioner. By keeping in view the hot weather of Dubai, domestic Air conditioner that runs throughout the day or during peak summer season need inspection once a year while commercial Air Conditioner should be serviced thrice a year.
To keep your AC running smoothly, to improve the efficiency and to decrease energy consumption, It is necessary to do service and maintenance of your AC.
It depends on the type of service you required. For more about our prices and quote write an email or call us directly.
Well you can perform service of basic and easy feasible parts but for deep cleansing that is required twice or thrice a year depending in the usage of your AC you will need an expert technician who will clean the filters or replace if necessary and clean every major part by detaching the AC.
You can schedule an AC servicing job with us or can find us by searching AC technician near me. For more details call +971 56 1620 639
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